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In a recent CGP survey 43% of organizations stated they experienced difficulty in collecting beneficiary proceeds from one or more IRA administrators. This is a matter of great concern to nonprofit organizations across the country. Many individuals and organizations are working to improve the timely distribution of beneficiary proceeds from financial institutions. Through awareness, advocacy and the collection of valuable information to assist organizations, they have created a number of resources to expedite distributions and promote change in institutional policy. The goal of the center is to organize the results of their efforts in one location to benefit the entire nonprofit sector.

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Tax Reform Act of 1969

The Tax Reform Act of 1969 provided the legal framework for much of what gift planners do today. To reform abuses of loosely regulated charitable trusts and private foundations, the Act mandated many changes affecting the practice of charitable gift planning.

While familiar tools such as charitable remainder trusts and lead trusts, pooled income funds, and gift annuities were in use long before 1969, this legislation spelled out very specific and wide-ranging new rules for their operation.

As a result of the Tax Reform Act, many people became attracted to the field of charitable gift planning. Gift planning councils sprang up across the country. Another major tax reform in 1986 closed many popular loopholes, making charitable remainder trusts even more attractive, and intensifying the need for a national professional association. The National Committee on Planned Giving (now NACGP) was founded as a federation of gift planning councils in 1988. Gift planners continue to find creative gift arrangements within the legal framework set out in 1969.

This is an anniversary worth celebrating!

Why was the Act needed?  What did it contain?  What was its impact on charitable gift planning? Read Ronald Brown’s article about the Tax Reform Act of 1969 here.

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CGP Public Policy Platform

The CGP Board of Directors recently adopted a new Public Policy Platform that serves to guide CGP advocacy activities in support of the charitable giving community and the broader nonprofit sector.

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Charitable Giving and Tax Incentives Report

June 2019

The report, commissioned by Independent Sector, compares five policy proposals to incentivize charitable giving for non-itemizers. The research was conducted by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy in partnership with the Wharton College of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Read Independent Sector’s summary or download the full report below.

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