3 Horse Race: Harnessing Blended Gifts, Bequest Intention Forms & Collaboration

The “Blended Gift” is a potent concept in fundraisers’ hands. Regrettably, it is a thoroughbred horse that is often hobbled by two other thoroughbreds (the Bequest Intention Form and interdisciplinary collaboration) that are frequently found to be undernourished at race time. This presentation will explore first hand trial and error experiences and draw upon the knowledge-base of attendees to demonstrate how nonprofit organizations (NPOs), individual major gift officers (MGOs) and planned giving officers (PGOs) are best enabled to perform as a powerful three horse troika for optimal fundraising. At heart, every development officer (DO) wants to maximize both donor satisfaction and the ultimate impact of the donor’s gift on their NPO’s mission—without leaving money on the table by failing to fully cultivate the donor’s philanthropic potential. The blended gift addresses this concern, but if counting and recording the deferred portion of the gift requires more than a simple Bequest Intention Form, DOs will either avoid riding that horse, or will weary themselves trying to get it across the finish line. Likewise, strategic collaboration between MGOs and PGOs is the horse that empowers the other two with the energy to run a focused and nimble race. Participants will gain precious insights, implementation checklists and more. See session 7. 

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