Six tracks are designed to optimize your conference experience: Stay in one track to meet speakers and other attendees who are dealing with opportunities and constraints like yours or mix and match sessions from various tracks to meet your goals.

Planned Gift Tech

Vehicles and assets, timing and taxes—these are the interlocking gears that set planned gifts apart from current gifts of cash. In these sessions, expert presenters explore the fundamentals and creative applications of planned gift technology. Case-based sessions show how rules and regulations are applied to specific donor situations. See sessions

Getting Oriented

The average major gift takes around 18 months to close; planned gifts can take 3 or more years. What are successful gift planners doing with all that time? These sessions for early career gift planners show you how to work with a prospect through all phases of the gift planning process, from identification and cultivation through gift design and stewardship. See sessions

Collaboration Lab

Great gifts have triple impact. They inspire philanthropists, accelerate charitable work, and reward expert advisors. Sessions in this track build skills for collaboration among fundraising teams, and between fundraisers and donor advisors. Approaches to building donor-focused philanthropic plans that blend current and deferred elements are also part of this track. See sessions

Program Administration and Management

From start-up to well-oiled machine, gift planning programs need to be managed to the highest standards of transparency and prudence. Policies and procedures, metrics and benchmarks, ethics and accountability—all are essential in a successful gift planning effort. These sessions show how to apply research and proven best practices to your own gift planning operations. See sessions

Marketing and Communications

What makes your message unique? Does it cut through the clutter to reach the right people with a powerful appeal? Do you know who it reached and how they responded? In these sessions, work with peers and marketing masters to explore database analytics, segmented messaging, effective storytelling and other components of your effort to identify and persuade planned gift prospects.
See sessions

The Summit

Sessions planned by and for  the gift planning community’s most experienced thought leaders. Former Summit deans have included Frank Minton, Andre Donikian, Laura HansenDean, Robert Sharpe, Jeff Comfort, Scott Lumpkin and Cynthia Krause. The 2019 Summit dean is Reynolds Cafferata. See sessions

2019 CGP Conference 


CGP Conference is a unique meeting place for all professionals working in charitable gift planning. In your work, you’d love to find these people at the planning table—charitable, financial and estate advisors. At CGP Conference, you’ll sit around that training table, collaborating with the experts at the podium and with your peers, leaving with the tools to do your job better.

This conference teaches me how to talk to my donors and gives me the technical behind the scenes skills that give me the confidence in front of smart people who have smart goals for their philanthropy.

800+ Charitable Gift Planners

Learn, network and collaborate with attendees from across the country, in all career stages, representing diverse organizations.

60+ Speakers​

Get inspired by a conference faculty of innovative keynote speakers and industry leaders who share their experiences and insights on charitable gift planning.

40+ Sessions​

Find solutions to the challenges charitable gift planners face in their day-to-day work by attending sessions you won't find anywhere else.




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