Something for Every Stage of Your Career

Whether you've just begun your career in charitable giving or have decades of experience and lead a team of gift planners, CGP National Conference offers sessions that will help you excel at your career. Conference includes over 40 education sessions with presentation levels ranging from basic to expert level - providing you with the content most relevant to your experience level and interests.


New to Charitable Gift Planning

CGP National Conference is designed for those who want to increase their skills, starting with the basics of charitable gift planning. Find workshops and sessions designed specifically for the newer gift planner.

Recommended Track: Getting Oriented


Mid-Career Charitable Gift Planners

What Does CGP Conference Offer the Mid-Career Gift Planner?
Have a few year's experience in gift planning? Find workshops and sessions designed specifically for the mid-career gift planner at CGP Conference.

Recommended Tracks: Planned Gift Tech, Marketing and Communications, Management and Administration


Experienced Professionals in Gift Planning

Are you an experienced gift planner? 
CGP National Conference is designed for those who want to connect and collaborate with some of the best in the charitable gift planning world. Find workshops and sessions designed specifically for the experienced gift planner.

Recommended Tracks: Planned Gift Tech, The Summit


Managers of Charitable Gift Planners

Do you supervise people working in charitable gift planning?
CGP National Conference offers unique sessions designed for those who manage charitable gift planners and need to understand their work.

Recommended Tracks: Management and Administration, The Summit

There is always some kernel of information that I can take back and put to work in our own planned giving program.
It’s the one conference that brings together all the pieces that a person needs to understand planned giving.